Established since 1979, we are a company dedicated to design excellence with national and international recognition.

The vast diversity of projects and variety of clients within our portfolio of work has enriched our experiences of design and enabled us to perfect a quality that we are proud to honour.

John Rowe-Parr Architects is an architect and design practice with past and present work undertaken throughout the United Kingdom, from London and Oxford to Newcastle upon Tyne and internationally, from Spain and Kuwait to Brunai. It is a company that does not dictate its market but listens to it and thereby creates opportunities that are unique and fresh. We have a commitment to our clients to achieve commercial and design success that leads in its individual field of business.

Our established method of work exceeds the requirements laid out in the internationally recognised Quality Assurance BS EN ISO 9000, the most rigorous benchmark of quality standards.

In a world where design and construction methods multiply and become ever more sophisticated, our role as architect and designer is increasingly to provide the overall view. To guide projects through to their achievement of visual and functional objectives.


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